Our Staining Process

1.) We start with a mix of propitiatory cleaning solutions to remove the dirt and grime with less pressure than our competition. This cleans the wood to brand new condition.

2.)We very gently clean the entire deck, fence or pergola with our state of the art equipment.

3.)Then we neutralize the PH of the wood to be able to accept the stain properly so you get the longest lasting finish that any fence or deck staining contractor can possibly provide with today’s technology.

4.)We mask close bushes and flowers to be sure that they don’t get the same stain treatment as the deck or fence.

5.)The application process is also done with the best brushes and sprayers possible. Every inch of the wood is brushed in to achieve a beautiful stained finish that will last for years to come. Best yet, our warranty is a full no hassle warranty, meaning that we won’t just drop off a few cans of stain we will re-stain it if you are not satisfied.

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