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Affordable House Washing Solutions
Low-Pressure House Wash

Increase your curb appeal by washing your home’s exterior. Our methods reduce the chance of water penetration with our more gentle approach to house washing.

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Affordable Concrete Cleaning Solutions
Driveway, Patio, and Sidewalk Cleaning

Clean your dirty looking concrete and bring it back to life by removing years of built up dirt and grime.

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Affordable Patio Restoration Solutions
Paver Stone Restoration - Clean, Sand, and Seal

We offers a full-service pavers restoration solution for your driveway, patio, pool deck and walkway (clean, joint sand & sealer).

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Ohio Exterior cleaning savings
Coupons and Special Offers

Save money and Increase your curb appeal by washing your home’s exterior.

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Free Exterior cleaning quotes
Request a Quote for Exterior Cleaning Services

Save money and Increase your curb appeal by washing your home’s exterior.

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Our Services


At Ohio Power Washing, we understand importance of keeping the exterior of your home looking spotless. Since we began providing residential exterior cleaning services, we have removed dirt stains, mold, algae and other bacteria from the exteriors of thousands of homes around Central Ohio. Let your house be our next project, you’ll be amazed when your home looks just like new!


At Ohio Power Washing, we are experienced in all forms of commercial power washing. Our Commercial Division can handle any size job, Whether it's your small business storefront. A heavily traveled sidewalk, a greasy garage floor, or even something as large as an aircraft hanger we have the equipment and knowledge to give your business that clean professional look. We can provide dependable, efficient, and thorough pressure cleaning services tailored to fit your project and time frame.


At Ohio Power Washing, we provide our clients with high-quality, comprehensive industrial cleaning and related services. From routine pressure washing to complex tank cleaning and facility decontamination, Ohio Power Washing has the skilled employees and state-of-the-art equipment to handle any industrial cleaning requirement.

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Ohio Power Washing is a professional and experienced exterior cleaning company. We utilizes many different techniques to clean various types of surfaces. We specialize in chemical application at low-pressure followed by a high volume low-pressure rinse, often reffered to as soft washing. Our techniques are capable of cleaning multiple story buildings SAFELY from the GROUND without the need for ladders. This means without the worry of someone climbing around on wet ladders blasting with high pressure risking damage to themselves, and the things they are trying to clean.

Our trucks are equipped with all the tools to get those hard to reach areas. The machines are capable of producing cold or hot water up to 200 degrees. The pressure can be adjusted from 125 psi all the way up to 4000 psi (lbs of pressure per square inch). This allows us the versatility to clean so many exterior surfaces all while minimizing and practically eliminating adverse side effects.

We Provide the Best Solutions for Exterior Cleaning in Central Ohio

Residential & Commercial Pressure Cleaning Serving all of Central Ohio

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