Deck Staining

It is a well-known fact that untreated wood if placed outside, will turn gray. It may also warp, twist, crack and rot. It can be one, two or all of them over time. The point that we are getting at is that if left untreated, the weather will cause the wood to deteriorate. Decks are different from fences in that they have horizontal surfaces that really take a beating from Mother Nature. Water will puddle on the surface and the sun will relentlessly attack the wood. If you were to walk across untreated wood with socks you will constantly snag on the wood. You will find a big difference when you do the same thing on a stained and sealed deck.

Prolonging the life of your deck is another benefit of staining and sealing your deck. Staining your decks creates an inviting outdoor living space for friends and family. We utilize professional-grade penetrating oil deck stains. These stains will stain, condition and seal your deck with the use of both drying and non-drying oils. This does not mean that your deck will always be wet. The color or pigment in the stain works at protecting your wood from the harmful UV rays that cause untold amounts of damage to wood every year. These oils condition the wood and protect it from rot caused by water intrusion.

If you were to use a clear sealer, in 4-8 months you would be very unhappy when your wood turns gray again.

Once again, as with any coating, preparation of the surface is the key to a successful application and the longevity of the stain. Most failures with deck stain occur when the proper steps for preparation are not followed. It takes more time to prepare a deck for staining than it does to actually stain the deck. Our deck stains will not flake chip or peel from the surface of your deck.

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