Why Is It Important to Keep Walkways Free from Moss and Algae Growth?

Why Is It Important to Keep Walkways Free from Moss and Algae Growth?

One problem that a lot of people deal with in Ohio is overgrowth on walkways. During certain parts of the year, the consistent moisture in the air and on the ground can cause moss and algae to grow on concrete.

While fungus growth doesn’t harm the surface, there are other problems that can pop up if you let it go on untreated. Besides this problem being unsightly,  it can also cause severe hazards for you and your family. Keep reading to learn why it is important to keep walkways and your driveway free from moss and algae growth.

Moss and Algae Make Walkways Slippery

Probably the biggest problem people face when dealing with this type of growth on a sidewalk or walkway is that it makes the surface extra slippery. If you’ve ever been at the edge of a pond or a lake and tried to stand on a rock that has been there a long time, you’ll know what we mean. It might not be a huge or apparent issue on sunny days, but algae or moss-covered walkways on a rainy afternoon can easily become a tripping hazard. In turn, this could lead to serious injuries for you and those you love.

Permanent Discoloration

Fungi growth doesn’t exactly cause damage to the structural integrity of your concrete driveway or walkway. However, when left untreated, it can cause permanent discoloration. If this happens, the only way to take care of the issue is to have the spots repaired or replaced. In certain extreme cases, this could mean having to remove the old concrete and pour new, which is very costly. Instead, having a professional pressure washing company take care of the problem for you before it becomes a big deal is a much more cost-effective option.

Overgrowth of Moss and Algae Just Looks Bad

Finally, there’s aesthetics. You work hard to keep the exterior of your home looking nice. If you have an overgrowth of moss or algae on your walkways, it can seriously bring down the overall curb appeal of your property. Leaving fungi overgrowth untreated simply looks like you don’t take care or pride in keeping your investment looking nice. Hiring a company like Ohio Power Washing Services to routinely take care of the problem makes the exterior of your residence look a lot better.

Damage to Historic Homes

We love our historic homes here in Central Ohio. However, the brick and stone materials used in building these residences also come with a higher risk of growing moss or algae. While it might seem easier to leave it on the surface, the damage could end up causing bigger problems for the underlying material. Instead, a nice soft washing is a safe way to clean these surfaces and keep your older home looking Fresh, Clean, and New.

Let Ohio Power Washing’s Exterior Cleaning Services Help Control Algae Growth

Keeping the exterior of your Ohio home looking great and completely safe for your family members is important. If you have a buildup of moss or algae on your concrete surfaces, our professional team at Ohio Power Washing can help. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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