Effective Paver Maintenance Tips

If you have a paver patio, it’s crucial to take good care of it. Pavers are widely used in pavements, pathways, and driveways. However, people tend to forget them once the patio stones have been installed. Here, we show you how to maintain a paver patio and keep your property looking great.

Why should you maintain your paver patios?

Your property’s outdoor space is an area that needs to look attractive as it creates a first impression on your property. Paver patio maintenance can improve curb appeal and ensure pavers withstand harsh climatic conditions such as floods, winter, and high humidity. In addition, it also stops weeds, moss, grass, fungi, and mold growth on patios improving your home maintenance.

What are the tips for brick paver maintenance?

Check out some practical steps to keep your concrete paver patios in the best shape.

Clean patio pavers regularly.

Cleaning pavers is one of the easy ways of maintaining your brick pavement. Often debris will start building up on your driveway due to dust or leaves from the surrounding area. When waste gets wet, it will leave your paver patios with stains and odors, hence regular cleaning. You should wash your pavement once a day to make your patio clean and attractive.

Pave sealing

Sealing your pavers is another essential maintenance tip and can increase the paver patio’s life span by protecting it against harsh chemicals and severe climatic conditions. Furthermore, sealing your driveway creates an additional layer that makes cleaning efficient, especially when patios have stains from motor oil and any other liquid. Sealing also helps in preventing cracks caused when pavers wear and tear. However, you need to seal pavements when they are parched and clean them yearly or after two years.

  • Penetrative pave sealers are widely used on bricks to guard them against dust, sun rays, and harsh weather conditions. It usually retains the original look of brick pavers and enhances its lifespan. There are two types of sealers that you can use which include.
  • Natural pave patio sealers: If you want to maintain the original look of your pavements and driveways, go for this option. These sealers prevent weed growth by creating a barrier that hinders weeds from obtaining water needed for growth. When water is spilled on pavers with natural sealers, it will flow steadily on the pavement surface rather than stagnating.

Water cleansing your paver patios.

You should regularly cleanse your driveways using a water power washer to remove debris or dust that may have stuck on pavers. Power washing after sweeping your pavements will leave your property looking attractive, clean, and tidy. However, it would help clean the paver patio with appropriate soaps that do not contain harmful chemicals to prevent fading.

Use polymer sands

Sand is often used as paver joints for your patio and paving stones. However, it also helps prevent living organisms such as grass, mold, and weeds from growing on your pavements, thus, increasing their longevity. In addition, living creatures such as burrowing insects and ants will keep off from your driveway and pathways.

Restore destroyed pavers

Paver stone restoration is usually the hardest task in the maintenance of pavements. When you notice one of your pavers has been damaged, you should immediately replace them to prevent further damage to your paver patios. Replacing damaged pavements won’t take a lot of time, and the good thing is it leaves your property with a neat new look. Moreover, replacing damaged brick pavers will prevent injuries and damage to your vehicle tires. Performing timely repairs can save on future replacement costs.

Prevent weed growth

Weeds usually thrive in tropical climates. You should regularly pull weeds out as soon as you notice them on your pavements and apply appropriate chemicals that will hinder the growth of weeds and other plants on the paver patios. It also helps to use polymer sands as joints on your brick pavement as it aids in the prevention of weed growth.

Create solutions for stain removal

After cleaning your brick pavement, you may notice some stubborn stains that make your property look untidy. Try to create a proper cleaning solution. Detergent soap or vinegar solution with a brush is a handy home remedy that can help to remove stains.

Create routine maintenance for stone pavers

Maintenance is vital in keeping your property looking incredibly. To ensure your pavement looks great for years, you need to develop a proper maintenance schedule. As routine care and maintenance, you should clean, chip the grouts, sweep, and remove weeds one to two days a week. Scheduled maintenance on your pavers will transform your outdoor area.

Repair Grout

Extreme climatic conditions such as high humidity levels may cause severe damage to your paver grout and ultimately reduce its shine. Your grout may also wear and tear due to prolonged neglect. Ensure you check and repair grout regularly, especially if you notice signs of chipping or damage. Prioritizing grout repair can enhance your driveway’s appearance, giving it a brand new look and extending its service life. However, you need to hire a proper professional with experience and the right tools for the job to ensure a great result.

Need help with cleaning patio pavers in Central Ohio? Contact Us Today!

Proper paver patio maintenance can add more years to your driveway and walkway and prevent costly replacement down the road. Our company offers you several tips for maintaining your paver stones:

  • Grout replacement
  • Weed removal
  • Scheduled maintenance program
  • Stain cleaning solution
  • Damaged pavers replacement
  • Paver sealer
  • Replacing broken pavers and polymeric sand
  • Regular water cleaning using a pressure washer

We pride ourselves on having a team of highly trained and experienced paver sealing professionals. They are equipped with the latest tools and can work quickly and efficiently to ensure your pavement and paver patio look great. Call Ohio Power Washing at (614) 465-6479 to start your property maintenance today.

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