Paver Stone – Clean+Protect


Our Paver Cleaning + Sand + Protect begins with an application of our paver stone cleaning solution to loosen the mold and dirt from the stone. The second step the patio cleaning is to pressure wash the surface with a rotary nozzle to remove any weeds and buildup. We finish the wash up with a filtered fresh water rinse leaving the pores in the paver stone open for sealer. Our Paver Cleaning services will clean the pavers to get the original look and color back. After the surface has completely dried we will then apply Polymer sand to seal all cracks from weed growth. After the sand has been applied we will finish with an application of our commercial grade natural look sealer to keep your pavers clean and stain resistant for many years.

About Paver Stone - Clean+Protect

We offer a full-service restoration system for paver stones—including cleaning, maintenance, and sealant—as well as minor repair work. Cleaning pavers is an art form. After more than fifteen years, Ohio Power Washing has perfected our Paver Stone Clean+Protect process that provides the most efficient, cost-effective method of restoring and protecting your pavers. Our Paver Stone Clean+Protect begins with a professional power wash using commercial grade equipment and superior cleaning agents specifically designed for paving stones. The next step includes applying supplemental joint sand to ensure all gaps are eliminated and joints are secure. The final stage of our Paver Clean+Protect, customers choose their desired sealer finish (natural, enhance, low-gloss, high-gloss) to bind the sand, protect the pavers, prevent weed growth and unwanted pests and enhance the natural beauty of the stones.
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