Exterior Cleaning Removes These Outdoor Air Pollutants Off Your Home

Exterior Cleaning Removes These Outdoor Air Pollutants Off Your Home

If you live in a suburban or urban community, then the quality of outdoor air can affect how your home looks. When vinyl siding becomes discolored, and brick homes start to show a grayish tint, it is often due to poor air quality in the community. Even wood plank homes can display a dull finish from the air pollutants that cling to the home’s exterior surfaces.

Consider contacting a local exterior cleaning company in your area if you notice the signs of dirt, grime, dust, soot, mold, mildew, and other airborne pollutants on your home. The longer you allow the dirt to build up, the more damage it can do to your home’s beautiful finish.

Exterior Home Cleaning can Protect your home from these common Outdoor Pollutants

Motor vehicle air pollutants

Pressure washing your home is the best solution for the gray and black film that is left on homes that live near major traffic lanes. And if your home is within miles of a freeway that experiences rush hour traffic jams, it is likely that you’re not seeing the true color of your home’s exterior paint. The fumes from combustion engine cars leave irritants and toxins in the air – that eventually land on your home, patio, deck, and outdoor furnishings.

A pressure washing service can restore the beauty of vinyl, brick, stone, concrete, stucco, wood, and engineered wood home siding. 

Windblown dust and dirt

Windblown dust and dirt are especially damaging to your home’s exterior because the dust is driven into the tiniest cracks and crevices. A simple hose-down will not release this dirt from your home’s siding, but power washing will. And when it rains, instead of being washed away, this windblown dust and dirt react chemically with rainwater to create a type of sludge that streaks and discolors your home.

A professional pressure washing company will look closely at your home’s surface to choose the right power washing nozzle and pressure levels to dislodge dust and dirt that is trapped in the grooves and crevices of your home’s siding.

Smoke and soot from outdoor fires

When neighbors burn leaves, branches, and other debris, the smoke and soot will drift wherever they take it, including landing on your home’s exterior. Even the smoke from your own cookouts or backyard fire pits – especially when using charcoal or wood, can leave a dark coating on your home over the years. The best way to remove the soot and smoke from yard fires, wildfires, structural fires, and grilling is to hire a professional pressure washing company.

Smoke and ashes, when combined with grease and moisture in the air, can start to cake or solidify over time – and shorten the life cycle of your siding

Mildew, Pollen, and mold spores

Every spring and summer, the pollen count is so high in many areas because the air is teeming with spores. Add the spring moisture along with the summer heat, and your home can become the perfect ground for mold, mildew, and pollen. These biological organisms are not hard to miss, because they stain homes in a rainbow of colors including black, gray, green, brown, red, and orange.

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