Mobile Wash & Detailing Services Keeps Your Fleet Looking Great!

When people see your company’s vehicles, they expect to see pristine trucks, vans, or cars with your logo brightly visible. If they see a truck covered with road grime instead, they immediately think less of your business. They assume that if you can’t take care of your trucks, then you won’t be able to take care of them and their needs, either. Clearly, you must keep your vehicles as clean as possible to ensure that you make a great impression.

If you have a fleet, you will likely find it difficult to keep up on vehicle cleaning. This is especially true when you’re in Columbus, Ohio where there are several cold months that bring snow, rain, and road grime. The size of your trucks, equipment needed to clean them, and staffing concerns all add up to make in-house vehicle cleaning expensive and time-consuming.

With our pressure washing services, you don’t have to worry about buying big washing bays or hiring people to scrub your trucks and vans. Instead, we will come to your company with our equipment and do the needed power washing ourselves. This is faster, more efficient, and more economical for you.

How Outsourcing Your Fleet Washing Saves and Makes You Money

As mentioned, people get a much better impression of your company when your fleet vehicles are cleaned. This can lead to an increase in new business while helping you retain your current customers. If your phone number or the web address is prominently displayed on your trucks, the effect is even greater. When you have pressure washing done on a scheduled basis, you can be sure that your trucks will always be impressive.

There are many ways you save money when you hire our pressure washing company to wash your fleet vehicles. First, you don’t have to buy any equipment, nor do you have to stock supplies like car wash shampoo. Next, you don’t have to divert staff to the job of washing the vehicles, nor do you have to hire dedicated full-time fleet washing people. 

Pressure Washing Gets Your Vehicle Cleaner than Scrubbing Will

While it may be true that an automobile detailer can do a great job with scrubbing and polishing, a busy company with a large fleet doesn’t have time for that. It takes hours to detail a truck by hand! Meanwhile, you need to get them cleaned and back on the road much more quickly.

Powerwashing cleans effectively and quickly because it is based on sprayed, soapy water. The power washing technician simply aims the spray at the vehicle and moves it around the outside of the vehicle from a distance of a few feet away. In just a few minutes, the truck is cleaned.

If you have a fleet of grimy vehicles, contact Ohio Power Washing today. We’ll get them back to their proper clean state so that people are once again impressed to see them. Set up a schedule for repeat cleanings to maintain that great look.

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