Exterior Cleaning Benefits

The Benefits of Exterior Cleaning

Preventive maintenance on the exterior of your apartments, condominium, home or office building is a must to keep the appearance looking the way it should. Preventive maintenance by pressure washing also helps to cut down on costly repairs due to damage caused by algae, mold, and mildew. All of these work at causing premature failure of coatings such as paint and contributed to rot and decay of building materials. By keeping the exterior of your property maintained and clean, you will extend the life of those coatings and building materials.

Creating Value

The main reason that we bought the home that we did was “curb appeal”. The reason that we enter and shop at one store above another is the way it looks. The way your property looks tells a lot about the property, how it was maintained and about the neighborhood. Having a property that shows well and looks appealing is much easier to sell or rent. Places that are visually appealing tend to hold their value more than a property that is unappealing. As you know, curb appeal is a major part of deciding where one wants to live. We create that value for residents that want to live in a community and to those that may want to sell, rent or invest in the community. A clean property will hold it’s value.

For Health and Safety

With all the contaminates that you find on a property; mold, mildew, algae, dirt, oil and many others can pose either a health risk or safety risk. When concrete surfaces that have been contaminated with one of these and it happens to get wet it can pose a serious problem with slip and fall hazards. Regular cleaning of your concrete surfaces prevents this occurrence. It also works to prevent mold spores from intruding into the residence or building by being tracked in on shoes.

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