★Super Suds Foam Washing System

Ohio Power Washing

Ohio Power Washing is bringing the Central Ohio Area something new for 2013. There is less then 10 companies in the U.S. that have this type of equipment for the residential industry.


Ohio Power Washing is now offering a foam house wash. Cleaning tough stains on hard surfaces with foam, replacing the need for High Pressure Washing. Thick foam is spread out on the surface, and biological cleaning agents within the foam sink down deep into the grime or stain and remove it from the surface. The foam and the broken-down grime or stain are then washed off with Low Pressure.  This foaming equipment can be used on the exterior of houses and on decks, Sidewalks and Driveways. We are also offering this for fleet washing.

The exterior of your property – Residential, Commercial, or Industrial –  is everyone’s first impression – it can destroy or ADD value to any property. Ohio Power Washing can clean and clear dirt, algae, toxic molds and other harmful organisms – without DAMAGING the surface!

Ohio Power Washing is raising the standards for Pressure Washing in Central Ohio!